Nokia challenges Galaxy SIII via new ad

Teasing of current innovative Smartphone in various specifications through ads and videos is the common thing done by every cellphone manufactures. Nokia challenges Galaxy SIII via new ad, chooses Lumia 928 for making the comparison.

Nokia challenges Galaxy SIII via new adRecently Nokia posted a video in low light video recording of Lumia 928 against Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5. Through that particular video they show off hoe Lumia 928 camera became more advanced than that of current trending phones. After a short while in the new video Nokia analyses audio recording against Galaxy SIII.

Nokia had done the audio quality analysis by recording the music performance in New York Subway. In the video there is a real time analysis graph which indicates whether the recording turns to distortion mode. Galaxy SIII Smartphone turns to red distortion level in the graph while recording. Nokia Lumia 928 retains the quality in recording high volume with no distortion.

Through this video Nokia wants to highlights the clearer and undistorted audio recording in their upcoming Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy SIII ends up with noisier distorted audio in recording. But Galaxy SIII stands up in providing high volume recording. Nokia Lumia 928 lacks in volume level.

Another noticeable thing that Nokiadidn’t makes a comparison with innovative Samsung Galaxy SIV. Anyway they choose one of the best ever phone in the world to makes the comparison. It is also thinks to be Nokia will provide more specifications of upcoming Lumia 928 in coming days. It will officially announce on May 14th.Nokia Lumia 928

Key specifications of upcoming Nokia Lumia 928

  • 4.5 inch aluminum body with OLED display. It is a heavy phone with weight 185 gram. It will be a bar type phone. Lumia 928 have a display resolutions of 1280*768px.
  • Lumia 928 will works under high powered processors. Nokia won’t disclose it at this time. The phone will have an inbuilt memory of 32GB. It can be also expandable via micro-SD card.
  • Nokia Lumia 928 will runs on Windows phone operating system. It is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft.
  • The phone will have 8 megapixel PureView Carl Zeiss camera. It ensures high quality photos in any light condition. The phone also have 1.2 megapixel front facing camera.
  • The phone is powered by 2000mAh Li-Ion battery.
  • Nokia Lumia 928 will officially announce on May 14th.