Niels Bohr 127th Birthday doodle with his atomic structure

Niels Bohr was one among the most prominent scientist of 20th century. Bohr was born on October 7th 1885 at Copenhagen. His contributions on nuclear and atomic theories were milestone in the scientific world. Niels Bohr 127th Birthday doodle appeared on Google homepage on 7th october 2012.

Niels Bohr 127th Birthday
Niels Bohr 127th Birthday (October 7, 2012)


On  Niels Bohr 127thbirthday Google honored him with the release of this doodle. Doodle makes us remember about his contributions. Google Doodle included Bohr atomic structure and his formula on electrostatic energy. The replacement of the alphabet ‘o’ with atomic structure by Neils Bohr is relevant. The logo consists of orbit numbers and formulae apart from Google alphabets. The shinning colors given to atoms and orbits make it attractive. The entire doodle is given an appearance as if it is viewed through a ground glass.

Niels Bohr 127th Birthday
Niels Henrik David Bohr
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Niels Bohr was a well known physicist of his times. His findings in quantum mechanics and atomic structure are world famous. He has worked with many famous scientist of his time. Bohr was a member of a well settled family .His siblings were also famous in different areas. His stand at the time of world war  shows that he is not only a great scientist but also a good human being.

Bohr was given a Nobel Prize for physics in 1922 for his contributions in Manhattan project. Correspondence  principle which is a basis of quantum theory, shell model ,Bohr model ,liquid drop model etc are some of the major contribution of Bohr to the scientific world. Spectrograph is a main tool which Bohr used in the designing of Bohr model.

Bohr was died on 18th November 1962.He was given many honor and awards in his life time and after his demise. He was given Atoms for peace award in 1957. After his death, University of Copenhagen changed the name to Niels Bohr institute. He was one among the founding father of CERN. One of his son also continued his path and received a Nobel Prize.

This doodle that released on Niels Bohr 127th Birthday is a honor for him by Google.