Google celebrates Nicaragua Independence day 2013 with Doodle

Today Google celebrates Nicaragua Independence day 2013 with Doodle within the homepage of country. Nicaragua Doodle 2013 memorialize 192nd Independence day of the country.

Nicaragua Independence day 2013 with doodle
Nicaragua Independence day 2013 Google Doodle (September 15, 2013)

Nicaragua Google Doodle 2013 includes motmot flew with national flag of the country. Motmot is the national bird of Nicaragua. Importantly Nicaragua Doodle consist of duo of siblings Katia Cardenal and Salvador Cardenal. This duo is one of the world class Latin-American and Nicaragua music for three decades.

“On the behalf of president and people of United States, I send best wishes to Nicaraguan people on the 192nd anniversary of your nation’s Independence day on 15th September. The United States shares the Nicaraguan people’s commitment to built a democratic, prosperous and secure Nicaragua, and we look forward to continuing to work together with all Nicaraguan to achieve this important goal” John Kerry the secretary of United States shared.

Nicaraguan Indepedence day march
Nicaraguan Indepedence day march

The search giant Google make to Nicaragua Independence day 2013 with Doodle. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central American community. In the same day on September 15th it is celebrating Independence day in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, EI Salvador and Costa Rica. These five countries are part of Federal Republic of Center of America, a provinces of Center of America. This day also can be termed as Independence day of central America.

After became a Independent Nation there presidential, republic and unitary state system are Nicaraguan government.  As you see Nicaragua Independence day 2013 with Doodle highlights the national flag of the country, The month of September celebrated as patrimonial month by the natives. Nicaraguan people celebrated the Independence day by hanging national flag at their horses and make rides throughout the cities.

Schools and Institutions of Nicaragua make Independence day marches through out the country ion September 15. Also the act of Independence of center of America will read on all Institutions and school on that day. The final event on this day day is activities related to battle of Hacienda San Jacinto and Nicaraguan Independence.