Nexus 7 II tablet to be release in Google I/O 2013

As the Google IO is getting closer the expectation and rumors of the new member of Nexus devices are getting fire. Google Nexus 7 II tablet to be release in Google I/O 2013.

Nexus 7 II tablet to be release in Google I/O 2013

The Nexus tablet series is devices which are running on pure android from Google. The new Nexus 7 II will be upgraded tablet of previously released Nexus 7. Nexus 7 II will runs on upcoming version of android which is set for Google I/O 2013 release.

Nexus 7 II tablet to be release in Google I/O 2013

The Nexus 7 II tablet will be having all the features that was included in the previous version with some extra and advanced features. Nexus 7II tablet is one of the most expected device to be launched by Google next. Though there were many rumors of Google Glasses launch it seems to be in market after some gap.

Google Nexus 7 II is expected to be available with the screen size of 7 inch and pixel density of 216 ppi. Large screen tablets are now having great acceptance and popularity so it’s sure that upgraded Nexus 7 device Google Nexus 7II with 7 inch screen will make the customers happy.

As per the expectation this upgraded Nexus tablet will use NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processors. If the advantages of NVIDIA Tegra 4 Processor are skillfully utilized this device gives a new experience with the users. You can load webpages within seconds and Computational Photography Architecture included in the processor makes the camera option perfect and best from what we have seen in Nexus 7 tablets.

The inclusion of Google apps in the device makes the life simple, easy and useful. Google have introduced many applications till now including  Google Play, Gmail, Google Earth, Google translate and many more. Each of this applications have great scope and use in the life of common man. So the inclusion of these Google apps increases the usability of the device.

The smart keyboard that is included in the Nexus 7 upgraded version goes in hand with the larger screen size and make user typing activities simple and clear. As we can see in the older version this new upgraded version will be also having an elegant design with weight approximately 320g. The device will be having a front camera of 1.2 megapixel.

Key Specification of Nexus 7 II

  • 7 inch display screen
  • Pixel density of about 216 ppi
  • NVDIA Tegra 4 Processor
  • Battery life of about 12 hours
  • Storage of 32GB
  • 4G LTE network support
  • 1.2 MP front camera
  • Weight approximately 320g