Google Doodle Marks New Zealand Election 2014 on September 20

Saturday’s Google Doodle marks  New Zealand Election 2014. It’s on 20th September , New Zealand vote for choosing members of 51st Parliament.

New Zealand Election 2014 Google Doodle
New Zealand Election 2014 Google Doodle(September 20, 2014)

Google Doodle for announcing election includes a ballet box in flag colors of New Zealand. Its the alphabet g in logo of Google replaced with ballet box. Search Page for New Zealand Election 2014 is listed when you click on it. Doodle will be present in homepage for 24 hours.

As usual in all countries, New Zealand is also eagerly waiting for 51st parliament election. Predictions, reports are 24 hours live in all medias. With the Doodle, Google also announced the specialty of day and the responsibility of each and every voter to vote for electing leaders and making up a better nation.

It’s on 10th March 2014, John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced election will be taken place on 20th September. Campaigning closed on 19 September and closing address aired on TV One and Radio New Zealand National. Now, its time to vote New Zealand.

Google have come up with special doodles to mark election on various countries on their respective election dates. In fact to announce the result of election also Google published doodles. Its on Saturday,  October 4th, result of the election will be released and official declaration of member elected will be on 9th October 2014, Thursday.

New Zealand is ready to vote. Let’s wait and watch for the results.