New Year Doodles by Google

New Year is always been a time of celebrations. On New Year days every year Google comes up with special attractive Google doodle to decorate its homepage.  Google this year also didn’t forget to wish the world the happiness and joy of New Year. They launched beautiful doodle on its homepage on 31st December when the celebrations reached its best and also on 1st January the actual day for a new start.

New Year Doodles by Google (Dec 31, 2012)

New Year day is a day with celebrations and fun. Google came up with a colorful doodle in its homepage landed on Japan on this New Year eve. In the New Year doodle released on 31st December Google included the picture of a colorful party scene. Doodle included the pictures of children playing with the toys, attendees, music notes, party decorations and all sorts of colorful ingredients which increase the sweetness of the day.

New Year Doodles by Google
Happy New Year 2013(December 31, 2012)

New Year day is the party day all around. People go out of their busy schedules on this day and celebrate without limits. Google doodle pictured this theme on its home page in the New Year eve of 2013. Google logo alphabets are arranged in a special comic way to give a party mood to the doodle. Doodle included the color and crowd of the day in the Google home page.

Peak of all celebrations reach at the end of 31st December. When the New Year bell rings people will wish their family and friends a bright future ahead. Party and celebrations on this day is the most and best of all other celebrations. After the sparking eve of 31st December people all over enter in to the new day to start a new beginning in all aspects.

New Year Doodles by Google (Jan 1, 2013)

To wish the happiness and glitter for a new beginning Google came up with another doodle which can be considered to a second part of the scene of New Year eve doodle. In this doodle we can see the post party view of a room. Google symbolically conveys the message of starting of a New Year by throwing out the past through this doodle. Everything in the doodle is calm and clean.

New Year Doodles by Google
Happy New Year 2013(January1, 2013)

We can see this change of mode in the background image of the doodle also. In the doodle on 31st December Google included a night scene in which we can see the stars and trees in the dark. But in the doodle on January 1st on the Japan home page included a morning scene outside the window. All together doodle had a positive wish in all its design.

People welcomed the New Year with great enthusiasm and good wishes in this year also. Major streets and malls were overflowing with large crowds. Parties and musical concerts gave energy and spark to the celebrations. Light decorations and fireworks gave a colorful glitter to the eyes.

Google gave the greetings of New Year in their style by this doodles. They encouraged the world to leave the past and start a neat and tidy beginning through this New Year special doodles.