Dancing New Year 2014 Google Doodle

After the last doodle on 2013 December 31st, Google came with its series doodle on January 1st. Yes, in 2014 new year blossomed in Google homepage with Dancing New Year 2014 Google Doodle. This was the first logo change in 2014 by Google.

Dancing New Year 2014 Google Doodle
Dancing New Year 2014 Google Doodle(January 1, 2014)

Since 2000, Google have published  special new year doodles on January 1st to wish the world. There was only a small transformation in the doodle from New Year Eve 2013  Google doodle to New Year 2014. From the last doodle number 3 is thrown off to a corner and replaced the number ‘4’ in it. W e can see weeping ‘3’ and dancing ‘4’. In the home page there was also the link to go through the major event of 2013 which redirects to the page for Google Zeitgeist 2013 page with a one and a half minute video.

Google logo is placed in the top part of the doodle, which is designed in a style of disco dance floor. Year  ‘2014 ‘ is animated with simple dance movements. Colorful background, glitter ball, animation  and dance floor made the doodle apt for the New Year celebration. We can also see two big speakers on right and left end of the doodle.

As like all years , in 2014 also world welcomed new year with dance, party, music and good wishes. All over world people waited for new year bell to ring to wish for a good year ahead. Samoa is the place to first welcome the year.  Everywhere there was the chill of happiness and heavenly bliss of sweet music over the night. With Google world welcomed the year with dance and music.