Google’s New Year 2011 doodle to celebrate New Year

How can Google forget to share the happiness and fun of this day? Hey, it’s the New year day ,the day to celebrate. Google came up with this New Year 2011 doodle  which reflects the joy ,peace and love which everyone wish to have on this day.

Google new year 2011 doodle
New Year’s Day 2011(January 1, 2011)

We can see many specialties in Google New Year 2011 doodle. One main thing we should notice is the background of the Google doodle is night with shinning stars and fireworks. This is a common sight that we can see in all cities at the midnight of 31st December .

Next important concept is the inclusion of the Latin numerals of the number 2011 in golden alphabets .All together Google succeeded in expressing the new year greetings to the whole world by this simple and beautiful doodle.

As usual world welcomed the year with great enthusiasm and joy. All the cities celebrated the day with parties, dance and music.  In America the main celebrations was in New York City and in Los Angeles. Similarly every country celebrated the eve in their own way with fun and happiness. New Year eve is one of the best time for celebration. New Year 2011 doodle that  Google released on the day was a sweet New Year gift by Google to the world.