Happy New Year 2009 Google Doodle

Google doodle for New Year days have been very special always. In the year 2009 also Google published a very cute and beautiful doodle on the homepage. Happy New Year 2009 Google Doodle was very colorful and sweet as the day.

New Year 2009 Google Doodle
New Year 2009 Google Doodle (January 1, 2009)

In the New Year 2009 Google Doodle designer included pictures of elephant, monkey, Rhino, Giraffe and all other special pictures in as cartoon images. The inclusion of the year 2009 as if its hanged on a rope holed by Giraffe with monkey holding the digit zero gave a comic touch to the doodle.

The New Year 2009 Google Doodle is designed such that it gives a pleasant feel to our mind in a single look itself. Designer managed to include all the happiness of the day by the way he sketched it. Inclusion of Google logo in the doodle was also beautifully done by the doodler. As there are many animals and their pictures in the doodle it became lively though there were no animation and graphic works in it.

Celebration of New Year is the best occasion were people unite together without any regulation. Starting from the evening of December 31st the programs continues till the birth of January 1st. In most of the nation’s it’s a public holiday.

New Year Fireworke
New Year Fireworks[Image Credit :hdwallpapers]
As it’s a Happy Holiday season, it’s the time when tourism industry wakes up in the year. People all over the world join with the family for celebration at this time. Picnics, parties and fun are common in this time. As this season includes the most celebrated festivals of Christians, the Christmas, celebration will have a good beginning with this.

New Year programs includes fireworks, music concerts, parties and even award functions too. People joint with family and friends on public places to welcome the New Year.

When the New Year bell rings in some places celebrations starts by burning Santa which symbolizes the beginning of new life after throwing out the bad and sins. Sweets are distributed among each other on the day to share the happiness of the day.

Special dishes are prepared on this day to make feast of the day tasty. On the New Year day people of the family sit together and feast the meal. It’s the only day in the year when people enjoy without any barriers and regulations of caste and creed. It’s the festival of new life, new beginning and new happiness. The celebrations of the day has got great importance in the entire world. It’s the best celebrated occasion of a year.