New Year 2007 Google Doodle

New Year day is always celebrated by Google with special and colorful varieties of doodle. In the year 2007 too Google celebrated it with releasing a special doodle on its homepage all around when the New Year bell rang on the countries.

New Year 2007 Google Doodle
New Year 2007(January 1, 2007)

Google doodle included the numerical year in the logo by using the picture of beautiful firework in different colors. Google alphabet ‘o’ is replaced by ‘2’ and ‘l’ is replaced by the number 7. It seemed to a simple but beautiful doodle. Every year Google use to come with this kind of special doodle to make the day very precious and to give the wishes of bright future.

New Year, the day which points to the increment of year in the calendar has got deep relation with humanity and human kind. All over the world it is celebrated without any caste and cultural barriers. On that day people join together with family and friends to share, care and enjoy. Almost all people celebrate it with maximum fun and joy by spending the day in their favorite places with their favorite people.

Celebration of the day begins in the evening of 31st December itself. In many countries New Year day is an official national holiday. Mainly celebrations are arranged in all those places where people join together in large crowd on that day. As it’s a great ay some people believe in starting the day by praying. In worship places also we can see a big crowd on this day. Special ritual are organized in temples and churches on New Year day. From children to adults everyone celebrate the day with party and fun. New Year fireworks are visual treat for eye. New cards are given to the friends and relatives to share the happiness and wishes of the day.

Shops and malls will be decorated with beautiful decorative things and balloons on that day. As it’s the holiday season people will be off from works and busy official schedules. Students and workers will return to the home and celebrate the day with loved ones. Apart from merry making and fun the day is used for rethinking and correcting all the faults that occurred during the previous year. New Year is used for new starting with new resolutions. New Year resolutions have got great importance. People will take new decisions on this day it is what known as New Year resolution. As a symbol of leaving the bad and starting with new beginning huge statues of Santa is burned in many places.

New Year Fire Work
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All over special varieties of sweets are prepared to give among the friends and relatives. Mainly family members sit together and feast on special New Year dishes prepared by women in the family. New Year dishes include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. Google doodle on the New Year days always tells us that it’s the day to celebrate so come together and share the sweetness of the New Year.

As usual in the year 2007 also people awaited New Year with same fun and spark that we use to see in the past years. Reports from leading newspapers and media channel tells that this was the most celebrated New Year while comparing with the past years.