New Year 2001 Google Doodle on January 1

Google released a  New Year 2001 Google Doodle on January 1. Doodle released by Google  on this day  reflected  the joy ,peace and love which everyone wish to have with them on this day. It was a New Year gift by Google to the world.

New Year 2001 Google Doodle
New Year 2001(January 1, 2001)

New Year 2001 doodle on the home was really a beautiful and colorful one. New Year 2001 Google Doodle  consisted of the pictures of polar bear, party hat, clock which is ready to bell 12, top hat and so on. The placement of polar bears  which are common in cold countries before the starting letter ‘G’ and the ending letter ‘e’ added the beauty of logo.

Top hat on the head of polar bears gave a comic look at the same time it reflected fun of the day. Replacement of the letter ‘o’ with the clock is a good imaginative and gives the message that all are waiting with great enthusiasm for the New Year bell at midnight 12 o’clock.

In 2001 also world welcomed the year with great fun and celebration. Everywhere parties and get-togethers’ where organized .As it was the first year after millennium people celebrated it with great joy. People said good bye to 2000 with tears and welcomed 2001 with happiness.

Burning Santa
Burning Santa[Image Credit]
Restaurants and clubs were overflown with people. Grand functions were organized all around. Live orchestra and exotic dinners were arranged by hotels to make their clients happy and enjoy the eve with great fun.

Apart from fun making and enjoying the new year day gives a great message .It is a day for man to look behind .One can change and start a new life with new resolutions. In some places there is custom of burning Santa on the new year  day which symbolizes the end of bad.

New Year day is celebrated by most of the people with their families and friend. Family get-togethers and functions are quite common in this day. It is the most peak time for tourism industry of countries. Every tourist places will be crowded and overflown with tourist in this season. Every were we can see fun and happiness on this season. Google also took part in this happiness by releasing New Year 2001 Google Doodle .