New Yahoo mail app for tablets gets unveiled officially

New  Yahoo mail app for tablets gets unveiled officially. You can get the new Yahoo mail app for android and iOS from respective app stores.

New Yahoo mail app for tabletsIn the very first glance we won’t feel too much difference with other mail services for this new app. But once experiencing the service we can find that the new Yahoo app is something better and good.

New Yahoo mail app for tablets

  • Better reading experience with full screen

By using this latest app there is an option to read all your mails in full screen mode. It makes an experience of reading your emails just as you are reading a magazine or newspaper. The small arrow button that you see in the bottom of the page allow you to get your full screen mode.

The main advantage of Yahoo mail app from the other app which allow the user to flip mails page by page. If you are not interested in reading the mails by flipping there is an option to tap and jump to the next mail.

  •  Faster inbox management

The next most important functionality of this app is that it makes your inbox management much simple and faster what you have seen ever before. There is a lot of role for the full screen option in this also. The clarity and dimensions in which the mail can be read by this mode make your eyes stress free and much smoother.

With this app everything that you want to do with your mails are up to you with in no time and in less complications. With this your overcrowded mail inbox can be managed and categorized accordingly.

Yahoo new app for tabletsOverview on the new application

As I told before in the very first look we can’t find anything new from other applications. The new email app by Yahoo for mobile device gives a neater and clean look than the older version.

In this new app we can see that by placing the check mark in the left of the message it will be enlarged and appeared then by swiping to right we can do all the actions like forwarding, deleting, moving to folder and whatever else we want to do on the message.

The next interesting feature in the app is that Yahoo that there is the option to sort out messages from same sender and can apply bulk action to it. This will be greatly useful if you have the problem of updates from unnecessary or useless senders.

In overall appearance and interface it seems to be a new turn over for the Yahoo mail users. The new application helps the users to manage their email inboxes easily and efficiently without any difficulty. This new app is now available in iPad and other android tablets. Yahoo hopes to get more customers attracted towards their mail service with this app.