New VLC for iOS application available from tomorrow

The most advanced video streaming VLC gets removed from App store in the year 2011. Now the officials confirmed that VLC will return back to iOS. New VLC for iOS available from tomorrow.

New VLC for iOSYou can download new VLC for iOS from App store tomorrow onwards. The new VLC will support within the devices which are runs on iOS 5.1 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The new VLC for iOS completely open source one. The code will provide from tomorrow itself. VLC V 2.0 bi-licensed under GNU and Mozilla Public License. The popularity and effectiveness of this application itself insist Apple to bring back it to the App store. It is also to be noted that VLC for android available within Google Play as one of the top recommended applications.

VLC application arrived in app store for the first time in 2010. But after one year Apple removed this application from app store, because the incompatibility between App store terms with General Public License.

The creator of this application VideoLAN reported that the iOS users will see a completely redesigned VLC application. The w new version of VLC supports most of all video and audio files within the device it running. It provides multi-core decoding of files. The new version of VLC for iOS support advanced synchronization through media.VLC 2.0

The network streaming support of VLC allows complete visual treat to the users. Users will never feel a single bit of interruption within the playback of multimedia files through VLC. The subtitle support helps to make running of files more meaningful. The application also support playback of multimedia files in other screen via airplay.

The video filters, background audio playback, playback speed manipulation will make the application more effective. The VideoLAN have also a plan to introduce new version VLC media player for desktop computers. Anyway we can hope that the VLC 2.0 for iOS becomes a top multimedia playback application within App store.

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