download new VLC 2.0 from App store- The redesigned streaming app

On 18th august the VideoLAN  reported about the return of VLC to app store. Now you can download new VLC 2.0 from App store, It is a completely redesigned streaming application from VideoLAN for iOS users.

new VLC 2.0New VLC 2.0 is completely compatible within iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, demands iOS 5.1 or later. The new version VLC within your iDevices helps to play all types of video formats without having any interruption. Users can also synchronize the media to the iDevices using VLC 2.0 via Wi-Fi or through Web.

VLC 2.0 is completely free open source streaming application from VideoLAN. The code is also available within the VideoLAN website.VLC 2.0 is bilicensed under Mozilla public license version 2.0 and General Public License version 2.0. The VideoLAN authorities reported that there won’t be arise any types of privacy issues between App stores terms and conditions. The incompatibility General Public License of VLC and App store terns causes the removal of the application in 2011.

Like classic VLC media player the new VLC 2.0 for iOS play all types of videos files including exotic, helps the users to get new visual treat through their iDevices. The new version of VLC 2.0 also support subtitles for the files. So the playback through new VLC 2.0 becomes more meaningful to the users.VLC in iPad

New VLC 2.0 supports MKV files, stands for matroska file extension for audio and video files. It supports several kinds of subtitle formats like SRT, SSA and USF. VLC 2.0 also supports multiple audio tracks and subtitle tracks.

The advanced streaming service from VLC 2.0 also makes this application more effective, includes HLS, MMS and RTSP. The video filters, playback speed manipulation and fine seeking improve the playback with VL 2.0 more innovative. You can also play the multimedia files in larger screen using VLC application as it integrated with AirPlay. You can also use Bluetooth handsets with VLC application for iOS. So all your multimedia playback becomes more effective with VLC 2.0.