Google published new video guide for project glass

Smartphones and tablets are became the integral part of our daily life. Now we are a few steps away from touch with new innovation in tech world. The first ever computing device from Google – The project glass. Yesterday Google published new video guide for project glass.

New video guide for Google glassFrom the teaser videos itself we gets an idea on how the new Google glass change our life. As official release of the product getting closer Google provide a new video guide. The video describes about the basic tips to be taken while using the Google glass. The video promises the Google glass will more easier in usage than of Smartphones and tablets.

The first ever thing that describe in the video is about the touch pad of the glass. It is situated in the left part of the glass. It has a length from your ear tom temple. The next basic part of the glass is the small display that is attached to the end of the touchpad. It should be arranged to straight of our eyeball.

To start with Google glass you have to tap on the touch pad. Then you will able to see the display on your line of sight. You can adjust the display to view the screen at your wish. The home screen of Google glass shows current time. What makes the glass is the best is nothing but its home screen won’t disturb you from viewing other things around you.

Google glass provides a series of cards each one assigned with different services. It includes weather, transport schedules, calendar…etc. To move through the card you just have to swipe backward on the touch pad. To launch any card adjust the desired card on the view and tap on the touchpad.Google glass

To go back to the timeline on Google glass you just have to swipe down on the touchpad. When you swiping on the touchpad to forward direction you will able to see a row of cards like messages, photos and videos. To share any of those photos or videos first of all you have to tap on the desired content. Then select the friend whom you need to share the data and tap on share.

The new video about Google glass show off how the wearable computing device became a new trend. It completely shortens our effort with using different services. We can hope that Google glass will gets announced very shortly. Surely it becomes the next big thing in the tech world.