New Square logo of Microsoft gets introduced officially

Past 25 years the software giant Microsoft used for wave logo. Today new square logo of Microsoft gets unveiled. The colors that we found with old logo of Microsoft remains same in the new square logo of the Company.

new square logo of microsoftThe new square logo of Microsoft indicated that the Company all set to start a new technical era. Microsoft’s all new arrivals coming under this new square logo. Including the upcoming windows 8 operating System and tablets.  As we all know Microsoft company is not known for its brand logos but for satisfaction made to People by its efficient products.  Microsoft has come across several changes in this year they released new version of office and  two big launching new windows 8 operating system and windows phone 8 Smartphone will be  make over in this year. Biggest among these changes is bringing xbox services to new version of office.

There are four colored blocks in new logo of Microsoft, red, green, blue and yellow. Red for office blue for windows green for Xbox and yellow for Bing. It indicated the top products from Microsoft Company. Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office suit using around the world. The position of red icon within the new square logo of Microsoft indicated the power and popularity of this service. In the same way the Windows, Xbox and Bing followed the each icons in the square logo of Microsoft.