New Sony Smartwatch will introduce in next week

People’s taste in technology changes with time. Today the dominance of Smartphone and tablets seems everywhere. The analysts think that wearable computing devices may take over this position in future. Google project glass is one among such steps. New reports say new Sony Smartwatch will introduce in next week

new Sony SmartwatchWe came across many rumors about Samsung’s galaxy watch and Apple’s iWatch concepts. But still this news remains as rumors itself. Now the Japanese electronics manufacture Sony all set to unveil their new Smart watch in next week at Shanghai. They will introduce the wearable tech device at Mobile Asia Expo which is scheduled for June 26-28 at Shanghai, China.

New Sony Smartwatch new step to wearable computing devices

Sony confirms the introduction of smart watch through their official Twitter account. The Tweet from Sony says “One in three Smartphone users wants smart wrist wear. Wearable tech is in out DNA. Remember Walkman now…” They introduced the first ever smart watch in the year 2007. It is thinks to be the new Sony Smartwatch boast with all those features we seen with today’s smartphones.

As by Sony’s statement why people dreamt of wearable tech devices is because of they need a communicating device that won’t distract from them what they doing. The common features like calling, messaging and social networking updations that we done with Smartphones and tablet should be performs by wearable computing devices then only such devise gets a strong market in the field.Official Tweets from Sony

Google glass is one of the wearable computing devices we found nowadays. Even though it is not gets released Google shows us to how it works and what all things it can do. The first ever wearable computing device from the internet search giant can perform various thinks according to the voice commands given to it. It can acts as really a substitute to Smartphone or tablet. We can hope that the new Smart watch from Sony will boast up with such specifications that the brand lovers dreamt off.