Facebook introduced new social home for android phones

Upon the Smartphone applications Facebook comes for first place at every time. Then why should make Facebook app as a default one within the home screen. That is why Facebook introduced new social home for android phones, not for making Facebook phone.

new social home for android phonesUntil the release of Facebook Home everyone think about the introduction of Facebook Smartphone. They believed it is not a perfect choice and managed to introduced Facebook Home application.

new social home for android phones

Mark Zukerberg said that the inspiration behind the development of new Facebook home is nothing but the popularity of FB App itself. People uses Facebook app for more time than any other application. So the Facebook team decided to provide their own home page for Smartphones. The new Facebook application completely makes your phone as a social device.

The main reason behind the decision to make new home for Facebook for the android phones is nothing but home is the soul of a phone. Facebook want to make it more personal. So the home of the phone is nothing but your FB profile picture itself. The cover feed will show off your status stream.

The home screen also shows off notifications. It is pop up in the home screen automatically. The messaging with Facebook home  is also becomes a new experience. The home screen show off your friends profile head those who are trying to connect with you, Facebook call it as chat heads. You can connect with them right from home screen and to make an end just swipe them to down. It makes an experience of your friends are right with you.Facebook home application

Facebook home automatically show off social contents from your account. That is the links status and photos automatically go through the screen. So Facebook home help us to make all social networking task right from home screen itself. They choose android platform to make it a reality is just because of it is completely an open source operating system.

Like every other application Facebook home will gets updation in every month. Facebook Home can be download from Google Play ,will available from 12th April onwards. HTC One, HTC One+, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SIV and Galaxy Note II will support this new application.