What are new security features in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 will release on October 18th, it is an upgraded version of previous Windows 8. Microsoft added several new features within upcoming Windows. Let’s check what are new security features in Windows 8.1.

new security features in Windows 8.1Automatic updations, bitlocker encryption, anti virus protection, phishing filter and family safer are the key security features within Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft will keep these features within upgraded version of Windows 8, also will add new security levels.

new security features in Windows 8.1

New security features in Windows 8.1 mainly includes business features like, remote security option for protect employees, fully lock down system, also safe guard for home version systems. But the focusing features are modern access control, malware resistance and secure your cooperate data.

Modern access control

To enhance the security Microsoft adds biometric system to upcoming operating system. The fingerprint system can provide best ever authentication within your Windows devices. Other than making high end system security the new biometric system can be used for purchasing applications from Windows store. It is hard to find out same copy of your fingerprint, that is why biometric system became the best ever authentication method.

Microsoft also offers multi-factor device authentication using  Virtual Smart Cards or VSCs. It will effectively manage unmanaged device scenarios. Thus you can meet complete modern access controls within Windows 8.1.

Upgraded malware resistance

The improved malware resistance system within Windows 8.1 will help you to be secure when you are online. The upgraded Windows defender and Internet Explorer keep you out of from various malware threats. Windows defender features with online monitoring for make you sense about malware threats, also Internet exploerer will provide anti malware solution. Windows 8.1 also have ability to detect and remove sophisticated threats, added to all Windows 8.1 editions.

Security for co operate data

Windows remote data removal will help both organizations and individual to keep their own data in safe zone. Organizations can remove Company data remotely while leaving the user data. It can be also applied for the lost Windows devices. The biometric system itself is the focusing thing in new security features in Windows 8.1.