Apple to offer new power adapters for iDevices at the rate or $10

Relying on its own ecosystem is the key feature of Apple products. Now Apple plans to provide new power adapters for iDevices. New USB chargers for iDevices is available in Apple retail stores or at authorized service providers for a rate of $10.

new power adapters for iDevicesThe main thing that forced Apple to take this new makeover is the recent controversy regarding iPhone 5. It is reported that the third party USB adapter that causes the death of Chinese flight attendant. So to providing power adapters with best design and to ensure the security issues Apple take the role.

The redesigned power adapters for iDevices provided through Apple’s new USB power adapter takeback program. This particular program will start on August 9 in China and for US the date is 16th August. It will conduct at Apple retail stores and at authorized service providers.

Why new power adapters for iDevices

Apple reported that it is their responsibility to ensure user security while using their devices. “Customer safety is the top priority at Apple. That is why all of our products- including USB power adapters for iPhone, iPad and iPod-undergo rigorous testing for safety and reliability and are deigned to meet government safety standards around the world” Apple power adapters for iDevices validation

The new USB chargers for iDevices only demands for a rate of $10. Power adapter take back programm is a special offer for all iPhone, iPad and iPod users which is valid till October 18th. For to making replacement with new power adapters for iDevices you must bring the current USB charger you own. It also demands to bring your iDevice at the Apple take back program.

Apple also recommended to check certification label of the Company to confirm whether it is right charger or not. They have also added the details about Apple stores and authorized service providers to help the user to inform about takeback program whereabouts. So get on with new power adapters for iDevices to making secured charging.