New news feed release of FB set for March 7

The streaming of only important contents within news feed of Facebook always seems to be good, it will happens shortly. New news feed release of FB set for March 7

New news feed release Facebook will showcase the new look of newsfeed in the media event held at Menlo Park California on 7th March. The developers invited the media reporters via mails this week itself.

The new news feed of Facebook will brings most important things belongs to you precisely. You can see the such important social contents in more focus mode in new news feed. the vibrant visuals itself going to be highlighting feature of Facebook news feed.

The new news feed also bring fresh contents for you, that is in the way you like to see your account. You can make selection for photos, groups, music, followings according to your wish.

New FB news feed also provides shortcuts for messages and graph search. The new news feed also will available for mobile and tablets. The recently released graph search became biggest break through for Facebook. The social search within the account helps the users to get the things much faster than normal search.

It is to be noted that graph search won’t break your privacy, you can only find something that you have already found within FB. Graph only helps you to brings the results by stitching together your previous activities within the account. You can hope that the new news feed will works in same effectiveness as that of graph search.