Google introduced new navigation for Webmaster Tools

Google webmasters tools is an effective service from the search giant that allows site owners to check the indexing and visibility of their site. In that way the webmasters can keep right track on the health of their site. Today Google introduced new navigation for Webmaster Tools.

new navigation for Webmaster ToolsThe new navigation for Webmaster tools meant to provide the site owners complete information regarding index status and search within their site. Google reported that the new updation for web master tools available from today. But it is to be noted that there is no other option to revert back to the old one.

New new navigation for Webmaster Tools

  • Crawl – In this particular section the site owners can find out how Google perform crawling over your contents. This section also gives options like crawl errors, crawl stats and the URLs you have blocked.
  • Google Index – It remind you about the number of pages indexed to Google. It allows to keep a track on number of posts within Google. It also helps you to find out the keywords that boost up the search.
  • Search traffic – The search traffic within the Google Webmaster tools helps you to understand about the page influence within the search. It also brings the informations about the links to your site.
  • Search appearances – It highlights about different tools that helps the search engine to understand the content of your site in an easy way. It includes data highlighter, site links, HTML improvements…Etc.Google webmaster tools new features

The account level administrative tasks like setting user permission, site setting and change of address all are appeared just below that of gear ion in the top right corner of the page. These options of new navigation for Webmaster Tools can be viewed by site owners only.

New search appearance pop up window

New search appearance pop-up windows within Google webmasters tools helps the site owners to gets an idea about how site may appear within the search. It also helps to study about the element that influences the search. It includes search elements like title, snippets, URL and site links. To access search appearance pop up window:new search appearance pop up window

  • To get search appearance pop up window click on the question mark icon within the search appearance menu in the side bar of Google Webmasters tools.
  • Click on any elements within the pop up window will helps you to understand about how to influence that particular category within the search, also it shows links to make sufficient improvements to that particular category.
  • Can inspect what all improvements should demand your site.
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