New Microsoft ad says Apple iPad kills your studies

Popular tech companies like Microsoft and Apple use advertisement as tool for compete each other. The new Microsoft ad completely downgrades Apple iPad. The advertisement tries to convince you that iPad kills your studies.

new Microsoft adIt is only a 31 second advertisement from the Company. New Microsoft ad advice you to get rid of from Apple’s frivolous ecosystem. That is you have to experience complete multitasking with the device. Microsoft thinks Apple always locked their customers into a lonely environment.

Microsoft chooses a class room to convince you this fact through the new ad. It is a poetry class, many of students there have with Apple iPad. One girl who sit in the center of class have Lenovo Yoga, she seems to be pretty happy.

Lecturer comes to the class and asks the students to turns on a particular page within the text book and to write down something. Immediately many of students searching for their pen, pencils and for books. But the girl who one with Lenovo Yoga remains cool and write down the things insisted by the lecturer, also she play games and helps others on noting the matter.

The new Microsoft ad also has an intention to make you aware that cooperation demand everywhere. When you set on single ecosystem you ever get a global reach. For the students it is a must thing as they have to follow this thing with an eye on great jobs. But here Microsoft chooses a poetry class for their new ad which is not a perfection selection to convey this message.

This new advertisement from the software giant focus to provide maximum promotion to Windows 8 running Lenovo Yoga. The advertisement which compares the products easily catches the attention of customers. For this Microsoft chooses iPad, which is something makes dominance in this filed. There is also have a chance for replay from Apple on Microsoft’s failed surface tablets with new ad.