Nokia slap Apple with new Lumia 925 video ad

In the last week of June Nokia put a video ad that presented iPhone users as brain-dead zombies. Now the Finnish cellphone maker again strike against Apple with new Lumia 925 video ad. The new Nokia ad claimed that iPhone camera is awful.

new Lumia 925 video adIt is not quantity but it is quality that matter to any business to become successful and trusted one. The tech giant Apple has reported several times that they followed this theory. The new Lumia 925 video ad also strike against Apple by focusing this theory. Nokia tried to prove that they followed to make a reality and not in just words.

The new Lumia 925 ad only compares the camera features with Apple iPhone 5. The scope of mobile photography itself is the reason for choosing this area by Nokia. The video ad started with making the statement that every day people takes more photos with Apple iPhone. Nokia claimed that upon this category they didn’t focused for quantity but for quality, they have Lumia 925 to prove it.

At first new Lumia 925 ad make comparison with iPhone 5 camera through the action shot. Action shot with Apple iPhone 5 seems very unpleasant and Lumia 925 shot becomes impressive. Nokia also highlight the options within Lumia 925 camera for choosing best shot from a series.Lumia 925 camera

In next step Nokia tried to provide the camera shots with flash or without flash becomes better with their Lumia 925 camera rather than iPhone 5. Nokia also show off several scenes that downgrade iPhone 5 camera through new Lumia 925 ad.

They also added a comment that best photographers choose only for Nokia Lumia 925. They believed hardly that 8.7 megapixel preview camera with Carl Zeiss optics meets with  all photographic needs.  The new Lumia 925 video ad also gave a hidden strike for Apple that their camera technologies won’t stand up to their recently released Lumia 1020, that is why Nokia didn’t take an attempt to make a comparison with iPhone camera to their smartest mobile camera.