Google to launch new interface for Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular web mapping service existing in internet. Time to time Google updates the service with exploring new areas and effective features. Now Google to launch new interface for Google Maps.

new interface for Google MapsWe are all knows that Google I/O is about to start on next week. Surely they showcased the event with many innovations that are going to makes our life even better. The new interface for Google Maps is one among them. It is thinks to be the new interface will becomes a new turn in Google Maps.

The major change that we are going to see with new interface of Google Maps is removal of sidebar. The important tools will display on the top of the maps. This is to makes the users to more concentrate on Maps. The screenshots of redesigned Google Maps posted by the site Google operating system.

The new interface for Google Maps will works well in mobile applications. Also in its Google maps engine lite. The navigation options and buttons can be used only when it is become essential. In such a way the service turns to more focused for Maps. Another important change that will soon features for Google Maps is integration with Google+. So that you can make filter the results according to the suggestions gives by your friends.New look for Google Maps

In one of the screen shots Google displays a notification bar which implies for new interface. The users can also go back to classic view through this option. So Google won’t make an immediate change to new interface. Upon the starting stage they give an option to toggle between new interface and older one. Later the redesigned version becomes permanent. Users can also send feedbacks to Google upon the launching.

The official launch of new interface for Google Maps is not yet confirmed by Google. As Google I/O comes very close it is thinks to be unveil the redesigned Maps inn that event. The new interface will surely makes our web map experience even better than before as it is from Google.