New Google Glass video saying thanks to all Mothers

Today Google posted a new video on it’s YouTube channel of Google Glass. The entire video was recorded using Google Glass, by the students of University of Southern California’s  school of cinematic arts. The new Glass video titled ‘Seeds’ saying thanks to all mothers, just three days before ‘Mothers Day’.

Last year Google announced Glass creative collective program, that helps Arts and Films school to experimenting with Google Glass. They can test Google Glass for film making. The short film titled ‘seeds’ from students of University of Southern California’s  school of cinematic arts shot the best moments, also makes better promotion for Google Glass.

There aren’t lot of moments in life that are bigger than this one ‘seeds’ is our way of saying ‘Thank you, Mom’ creators of new Google Glass video shared via Google+

At the beginning of the video you can see that the Google Glass user busy with packing for a journey. Then his wife appeared on the screen and handover a cover to him. After that the video shows his way to airport. Before flight taking off the user safely put the Google Glass within protective cover.

In next part you can see the glass user reached his home country, India and his journey to home. Every time he keep special attention for the cover handover by the lady. You can also see the beautiful scenes of villages he seen while his train journey.

Finally he reached his home and see his mother working in kitchen. At first mother get surprised by seeing him and scold him with love. After that the loving mom serve food for him and talk with him.

Then he gave that ‘special cover’ to his him. She again got surprised by seeing the precious thing gifted by his son. Shedding tears with happiness and look again to report that saying ‘she is going to be a grandmother soon’.

The new Google Glass video shows off how beautifully the device can record most precious moment of your life. At same time it becomes a most valuable dedication for all mothers in the world just before mothers day.