Google released new Gmail composing box for everyone

Google introduced the new compose box for Gmail last year. To make the right improvements the search giant provided the users with options to switch between old and new compose box within Gmail. Today they released new Gmail composing box for everyone.

new Gmail composing box for everyoneAs Google switches new Gmail composing box for everyone the older one won’t be available anymore. That is earlier Gmail provide an option to switch between older and new composing box. Now the new composing box became permanent and Google make a farewell to older one.

Google announced that new Gmail compose box available for everyone by this week. The chat box like composing box within Gmail makes the multitasking in smarter way. That is it won’t interrupt you from doing other things. You can go through exiting mails while you c0mposing a new mails. You can also create multiple drafts through new Gmail compose box.

Checking a new mail while you composing a mail also become the focusing feature of new Gmail composing box. The confirmation for the genuine recipient can be easily done with new Gmail composing box. Once you include the mail ID within it the hovering of cursor over it will show you the social networking profile of that person. Google also show off marks for authenticated mails IDs of popular persons.

Google also introduced brand new inbox for Gmail in May. But they won’t make it as a default one. It is under test to get feedbacks from the users. The redesigned Gmail inbox will categorize your mails in definite manner. So that you can pick up the mails from desired category within no composing box for Gmail

Google provides different tabs such as primary social promotion and updates. Whenever the new mails come to each tabs it will show off right notification. To switch to new redesigned inbox just follow the steps below:

  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Select configure inbox.
  • Choose the right tabs for your new inbox.
  • Hit on save button.

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