New Galaxy SIV ad strike against Apple

Samsung already released a few numbers of ads about Galaxy SIV which all tell about its innovative features. But the new Galaxy SIV ad strike against Apple, It shows off how the Korean flagship phone can suit with our expectation.

New Galaxy SIV ad As reported the Galaxy SIV ads we watched earlier mainly highlights about its specifications only. The new Galaxy SIV ad  target to make you realize how it differs from other phones and can be a life companion. Also it completely aims to strike against the rival Apple.

At the beginning of this ad we can see a guy who tries to interact with an apple. The way he tries to typing and holding with Apple really make the sense about what he actually means. He completely became dull after his effort.

The mood of this man completely changes when we got Galaxy SIV in his hand. From that moment  he immersed in joy mood by dancing along with Ninjas.  A goat also joined in their hangout. The viewers must compare the facial expression of that man while we checking out both Galaxy SIV and Apple. First of all he had a dull face while checking the Apple and a happy expression with Galaxy SIV.

Through this new Galaxy SIV ad developers meant to make you believe that Galaxy SIV is boast with all of those specifications that we really want. It is a phone that can understand the users. The users will never feel a complexity in the usage of Galaxy SIV. The Korean manufactures maintain the simplicity within their flagship Smartphone.

Also this Galaxy SIV ad tries to prove that iPhones are very hard to become simple as Galaxy SIV Smartphone. The users have to be put a strong effort to learn about Apple phone. The simplicity within the Galaxy SIV makes the users more comfortable in the usage. Definitely Samsung Galaxy SIV is the best ever Smartphone available today. Through the ads Samsung tries to make maximum popularity for their flagship Smartphone.