New Galaxy Pro Ads making fun at iPad’s lack of features

Each Samsung ad wants to shows that how great their product than that of Apple. Today Samsung posted three new Galaxy Pro ads that making fun on iPad’s lack of features.

New Galaxy Pro Ads making fun at iPad's lack of features

1. Galaxy Pro Series – Multi User

Within 30 sec long ‘Multi user ‘ entitled ad Samsung highlights the power of Galaxy Pro tablets to manage multiple user account. One of promising features in Galaxy Pro tab that misses in iPad series. The ad features two men sitting on a couch, one with iPad and one with Galaxy Pro tab.

The iPad user becomes frustrated as he failed to find an option for managing multiple users. At that time the Galaxy Pro tab user show him how the tab can  provide separate login for each users.

2.Galaxy Pro Series – Pixel Density

More pixel density means more detailed display, Samsung also tries to prove this through the second Galaxy Pro ad. Within the ad  lady with iPad surprised by the quality of display within Galaxy Pro Tab 10.1. The tab have resolution of 2560*1600px with pixel density of 299ppi where iPad only have pixel density of 264ppi in a resolution of 2048*1536px.

3.Galaxy Pro Series – Two Things at Once

The third Samsung ad make a dig at iPad’s inability to handle two apps at once. The ad features two employees, one with Galaxy Note Pro and another with an iPad. In between their video chat the boss asked them to send a particular mail.

Using the multi window feature in Galaxy Note Pro the user easily open mail app on one side while keeping video chatting in another side. The iPad user also get attracted by this feature and he join with Samsung user.

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