What are new features of Windows 8 operating system

Today the software giant Microsoft officially introduced new metro based Windows 8 operating system, can download Windows 8 online. Here what are new features of windows 8 operating system.

new features of Windows 8 operating system

The users who had ownered with Windows 7 PC since June 2 can upgraded to Windows 8 for just $13.05. Just you have to do is follow ‘Windows Upgrade Offer’ and claim for upgrade. Microsoft will send the code for upgrade to Windows 8 within no time.

New features of Windows 8 operating system

The metro based theme is the biggest new feature of Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft provides a set of tiles by replacing older start menu. Each tiles in Windows 8 represents an application, will update data associated with them each time. Windows 8 will also allows you to add more tiles to start screen, can also unpin from start screen.

You can easily found out the application you searching for right from your Windows 8 screen. Also the access and swiping out of each programs more effectively. At the same time you can control it via mouse and keyboard. The file operations are much improved with teracopy and secured fast web experience is promised with Internet Explorer 10 with do not track.

Windows 8 will provide more impressive and effective performance than that of previous Windows 8. The new lock screen within Windows 8 consist beautiful picture along with few widgets,will shows informations associated with them all time.

The new full screen application in metro mode makes full attention for accessing service only. You can also switch for desktop mode any time from metro base applications. Interestingly Microsoft also provided Windows store for accessing more applications for Windows 8, optimized for metro theme.

The built in cloud service using SkyDrive allows you to synchronize all your data and make it accessible from anywhere at anytime. To make possible security Microsoft make a built in Windows defender antivirus, provide a shield for various threats. You can also use bitlocker encryption to secure your other data with suitable key.

System requirements for Windows 8

  • Processor 1GHz or faster.
  • RAM 1GB for 32bit 2GB for 64 bit.
  • Hard Disc 16GB for 32 bit 20GB for 64 bit.
  • Graphics : Microsoft DirectX 9 or higher.