What are new features in Windows 8.1 Update 1

Microsoft all set to release first major release for Windows 8.1 on 11th March, officially called as Windows 8.1 Update 1. The updation includes several new features for providing more faster and promising Windows experience.

First of all Microsoft will deliver Windows 8.1 Update 1 for users via Windows update. Boot to new metro screen is the biggest change you have ever screen since the release of Windows 8. Last year released Windows 8.1 included option for boot to desktop, not at all very open. Through updation 1, Windows 8.1 will boot straight to desktop.

Boot to desktop by default through this updation put away dependency on metro interface, also becomes more comfortable for desktop users. Another noticeable change within updation 1 for Windows 8.1 is the addition of power button to new metro interface, won’t have to hover mouse to top right corner for finding power option.

windows 8.1 screen

Microsoft also included new closing and minimizing option for metro applications. It indicates that metro applications have major importance within desktop. It becomes helpful for users who highly depends on mouse. Once you right click on metro apps it will shows new resize and unpin option within the context menu.

The start button within Windows 8.1 includes new search bar through this updation, still it remains as start button not start menu. You can also find Windows store application within taskbar, which can be active through new option within desktop taskbar setting.

screen option windows 8.1

One of the problems that faced by both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is the display support limitation, only can find three scaling option. The new updation for Windows 8.1 will bring support for high resolution display, focused for new 4K displays in nearby future. Users can choose different scaling option such as 200%, 250% or up to 500% through customization, suitable for 3200*1800px displays.