What Are New Features In Windows 10 Start Menu

The return of start menu is the focusing features on Windows 10 OS. It shows many resemblances with Windows 7 start menu. But Windows 10 start menu arrives with many improvements and features.

new features in windows 10 start menu

The new Windows 10 start menu located in the bottom left of desktop screen, just like that in Windows 7. You can find the power button right from the top of the start menu. The documents, pictures, PC settings and file explorer menus are arranged within the left had side of the start menu. It is also the most recognizable difference from that of Windows 7 start menu.

The customizable Windows 10 start menu also let you to add or remove your favorite applications and more menus to the left side of the menu. The ‘all apps’ menu on the top of start menu search bar brings the list of all programms within Windows 10.windows 10 start menu

You can also see live tiles on the right side of the start menu, brings live updates. You can add, move, resize or remove live tiles from start menu at anytime you want. The search box within Windows 10 start menu also becomes very helpful in finding and quick launching of applications you needed.

On a PC or non-touch screen devices the start menu active by default. But on touch screen devices you will see metro screen instead of desktop screen. You can switch between start menu and start screen on Windows 10 at anytime.

Switch between start menu and start screen on Windows 10

  • Right click on task bar from bottom of Windows 10 desktop screen.
  • Then click on properties.
  • Click on start menu tab.
  • Check on ‘Use start menu instead of start screen’ for making start menu by default.
  • Or uncheck on ‘Use start menu instead of start screen’ to activating start screen by default.