Google granted patent for new face recognition system

The internet search giant Google always focused to make their user experience with its services as perfect as possible. The face recognition system was introduced long back. Now they are ready to come up with the same system with many improvements. Today Google granted patent for new face recognition system.

New face recognition system Google provided the face recognition system for the first time in android 4.0 ice cream sandwich operating system. Once the user looks up for such a security system then they can avoid the unauthorized access in a perfect way because such system scan up for a legitimate user with body features.

Later they granted for patent for multiple users to use face unlock system on a single device. In such a way the usability of the device get increases. Today Google granted patent for new system within this category. Through using this system one can unlock the device by his/her smile and wink.

The new face recognition system includes the access of first and second image of the face of the user. The technology demands the steps such as identification of at least one facial mark in first image and finds the corresponding facial mark in second image. In second step an extraction of sub images from first and second image take place. At the same time the technology demands the identification of corresponding facial marks in respective sub images.

The final part of this system includes the analysis of facial gesture that given by the user to the device. The system checks it for whether the right difference is exits for first and second sub images. It is the technology that used for to take decision for whether the user is legitimate or not. This system will surely increase the security level within the android devices. We can hope that the system will be soon available within the upcoming android versions, may be in android 4.3.

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