What are new controlling and security features in Galaxy S5

The hype for a Smartphone release can be find out at it’s peak when comes into the case of Samsung and Apple. You can expect the release of Galaxy S5 i the middle of March. Samsung all set to brings it’s new technologies and features with Galaxy S5. Here about new controlling and security features in Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5

New controlling and new security features in Galaxy S5

Apple’s touch ID system in iPhone 5S is completely a new level of security element for a mobile, then what can expect from Samsung to match with that system? In consumer electronics show 2014 Samsung Lee Yung Hee the executive Vice president of Samsung officially make statement that the company will bring eye scanner technology for Galaxy S5, a technology that never used by any mobile manufacturing company, reported on Bloomberg.

The retina scanning in upcoming Galaxy S5 will works with new advanced sensor. First of all Samsung choose for retina system for their new flagship phone is because of it is biological element that unique for every human being. The authentication and unlocking of Galaxy S5 will works under retina scanning. Once you get the phone you have to verify your ID with your own retina scanning. After all Galaxy S5 will find the correct match at relevant time.

Gesture Movement controlling in Galaxy S5

Eye tracking system is one thing seems very special within Galaxy SIV Smartphone. But Samsung not at all going to reuse this same technology within Galaxy S5. New Samsung patent reveals that the company all set to introduce new gesture movement controls in Galaxy S5.


The new gesture controls in Galaxy S5 will world through front camera unit of the mobile. The Touchwiz system from Samsung also comes in action for proper working of this new technology. So that you can trigger many function through movement of head. Even though user make some head movement to trigger some function the phone will demand for confirmation through the link. It help to avoid unwanted executions.

Top image credit : Flickr