New communication advising tool patent granted for Apple

New communication advising tool patent granted for Apple. It is approved by US patent tradeamrk on April 30, 2013, will provide the new technology within upcoming iDevices.

New communication advising tool patent granted for AppleAccording to the newly approved technology you can keep in touch with your friends in your contact list after understanding their situation. This technology will tell you whether to text the message or call after studying the situation of the person to whom you want to get connected.

Apple have always provided what we need before we think about it. With Apple products we can do our simple and complicated communications effective and better. This new patent which was approved by US patent authority will be a milestone in the communication era.

Use of GPS, web cameras, microphones, personal computers will be hopefully used integrated with the technique to study the situation. After analyzing the current circumstances the person will be informed which method of communication is useful to get connected with the other person.

With this technology a person can also customize their devices and set it accordingly to their preference based on time, place and programs. The main quality that I see in this technique is that we can avoid connections missed up to a great extent. If you are busy or in any other situation the person who want to contact you will be informed automatically so that they can contact you later.

Just imagine a situation that you want to invite your friend for a party but at present he is driving his car. Here is the use of this technology, you will be messaged that your friend is driving so it’s better to message him or mail him rather than calling him. Likewise in your work place, home and in worship places you can restrict the persons whom you want to be in connected.

Apple patentAs mentioned before users can customize their device settings that they can list the contact according to the preference. List of predetermined parameters can be set to choose the method of communication by the device and inform contactee. After analyzing all these a contactee can connect the person by considering the preferred method or else can wait for some time to contact the person.

But as the medium used to determine the preferable communication methods includes camera, microphone, GPS and other techniques, privacy is an important issue. So for protecting the privacy of user this technique may not disclose the reason of choosing the method and other details regarding the same.

It was in the year 2008 Apple filed this patent which got approved today. Apple is Apple, there no other brands to take their position in market. Apple iPad and iPhone demand is increasing day by day. The innovative skills and new ideas that they always come out with is the reason behind their success. This technique which will available for us with in few period will be really helpful for us to get in touch with others in an easy and simple way.