What are new changes in iOS 7.1 updation

The completely redesigned iOS 7 operating system now loaded within most of all iDevices. Now Apple all set to release iOS 7.1 in March first week. Here all about new changes in iOS 7.1 updation or how iOS 7.1 differs from iOS 7.

new changes in iOS 7.1 updation

First of all iOS 7.1 updation not at all a major mobile OS updation like iOS 7. You can only expect bug fixes, speed improvement, major tweaks within phone and calender applications, also few new features. Untill now Apple released 5 different beta releases for iOS 7.1.

New changes in iOS 7.1 updation

Each beta updation for iOS 7.1 brings few new features to the OS. Apple won’t keep all the features to iOS 7.1 updation you seen with beta releases, only the features which help the devices to work more effectively.

Controlling option for wallpaper motion

One of the interesting features that Apple brings to iOS7 is motion effects to background of the device. But users have different opinion about this feature. Even though there is option to reduce the effect users can’t control it completely. With iOS 7.1 updation you will get a controlling option for motion effect, so that you can turn off it for completely at anytime.

More natural sounding for Siri

You already experienced much improved Siri within iOS7 operating system, powered by new resources and more controlling options. Also Apple managed to make more support for American voice and option for male voice. Through iOS 7.1 updation the UK, Japanese and Australian users will get more natural sounding for Siri. It becomes very helpful for to make more controlling over the device through voice, also for making correct pronunciation settings in Siri.

New dialer and Phone

You will never see rectangular dialer button after you update your iPhone with iOS 7.1. Apple replaced the rectangular dialer  with new circular green dialer through iOS 7.1. You will also miss add to contact option that you seen with iOS 7, within iOS 7.1 you have to hit with the ‘+’ button next to number to add it to the contact list.

Like the dialer Apple also put away the rectangular buttons which manages answering and declining of calls. Within that place you will see new green and red circular button respectively for answering and declining of calls. The ‘remind me’ and ‘message’ option also changed to circular shape, can see above of call manage buttons within iOS 7.1 updation.

New appearance for unlocking

Within iOS 7 powered devices you will see a rectangular red block that you have to slide for turning off the device. But within iOS 7.1 it is replaced by a white circular button with power off icon embed inside it. It is also possible to see a white circular cancel button in iOS 7.1 instead of white rectangular cancel button within iOS 7.