New changes in Google Nexus 7 tablet

Nexus 7 is the first tablet of Google Nexus series, debuted in May 2012 . Now Google unveils the next version of same Nexus 7 series with several new changes.New changes in Google Nexus 7 tablet

The noticeable change that happened to Nexus 7 tablet is Google discontinued the old 8GB version of tablet and debuts new 32GB version. Also the tablet is gets connected to Mobile networks. Now all Nexus 7 users can access GSM networks which offer by more than 200 providers worldwide. The tablet is becomes thinner lighter and ever faster than before.

 changes in Google Nexus 7

As Nexus 7 tablet is designed by Google with the conjunction of Asus it is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor. So every task in the tablets as fast as a breeze. Nexus 7 becomes more effective by the updation of Android 4.2 new flavor of jelly bean. The tablet becomes more customizable and actionable notifications smoothness of usage provides more advanced tablet experience to the users. New smarter key board allows you to compose mail and create message easier than before. The keyboard automatically suggests the words so that we can easily complete our message within no time.

The Google now updation helps to get informed you about the popular services and different news around you. Also it is inbuilt with Gmail You Tube in HD G-map …Etc. Users can access more than 675000 advanced applications through Google play. Nexus 7 also helps you to access collection of millions of E-books.

As Google discontinued the 8GB version it is reduced the cost of 16 GB with $199 and also the 32GB version have relatively low price of $249 as compared to any other popular tablets.