Meet new camera features in Moto X Smartphone

The new Moto X phone will announce on August 1st 2013 at New York City. Google focused on to provide complete Smartphone experience through Moto X phone. Now meet new camera features in Moto X Smartphone.

new camera features in Moto XWhen we take an analysis for successive Samsung Galaxy SIV or recently launched Nokia Lumia 1020 can find innovative camera controls. Both Galaxy SIV and Lumia 1020 provide better camera controls and different modes of capturing. So for a entry level phone to compete with these giants it demands perfect mobile photography technologies. That is why Motorola introduced new camera features in Moto X Smartphone.

The upcoming Moto X Smartphone will have 10.5 megapixel clear pixel camera. The new camera interface for Moto X phone completely focused for gestures and better controls. It completely reduces your effort and makes mobile photography to new level with innovative features.

New camera features in Moto X Smartphone

Launching of camera in Moto X phone is so easy, you just have to twist your wrist twice to launch the camera. Upon the first time Moto X will give you several camera tutorials.  Before you make shot with Moto X Smartphone you must choose desired adjustments to make the visual to stunning level. To make camera adjustments in Moto X you have to swipe from left side of the screen,Then a virtual circle of a number of camera options will appears on the screen. It includes settings like flash, HDR, Panorama, focus… adjustments in Moto X

Once you looking up for different options the circle will spin to show the entire camera adjustments in upcoming Motorola phone. Also the circle will disappear from the screen after you made proper adjustments. To make a shot with Moto X you just have to tap anywhere on the screen, To make multiple shots hold on the screen for until you get desired number of shots.

Dragging off to up and down on the screen brings you virtual zooming. At the bottom of the screen you can also find options to switch between front and rear camera, also for video and photo mode. The SLO options within camera adjustment stands for slow motion video mode.zooming in Moto X

Once you swipe from right side of the screen will brings the gallery of photos and videos. From there you can make editing to make the contents in your own way. The new camera features in Moto X Smartphone surely going to be change your mobile photography experience. The phone will officially announce on August 1st.