What are new camera features in Galaxy S5 Smartphone

The 2012 release Galaxy S4 have promising camera features like dual shot, panorama and HDR. Now it is time for to talk about Galaxy S5 features which is all set to release in month of February. Here all about new camera features in Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

Galaxy S5 camera

New camera features in Galaxy S5

In Galaxy S4 you had seen with a 13 megapixel camera, for upcoming Galaxy S5 Samsung plans to bring 20 megapixel auto focus camera with new improved sensor, reported by PhoneArena. It is not higher pixel camera going to matter but the isocell technology of Samsung.  This camera technology from the company allows to catch more light to the sensors by adjusting size of pixels, which results more detailed pictures for you. Low light photography also turns to be best with Galaxy S5 camera.

The blur photos are the main problem that find with every Smartphone cameras. In fact the shutter speed and shaking of hand is caused this problem. Galaxy S5 camera have improved shutter speed so that users will get detailed images through right light alignments.

Optical Image Stabilization or OSI is the technology that brings for Galaxy S5 to keep away the blur images cause by movement of hands. The OSI help the lens to move in opposite direction of hand movement so that can capture pictures in right direction.

The new improved Galaxy S5 camera also features 4K video recording. It is also known as ultra HD with resolution of 3840*2160. It brings four times more detailed videos than that of full HD. You will also get different video recording options like Ultra HD at 3840*2160px, full HD at 1920*1080px, HD at 1080*720px and VGA at 640*480px.

It is also have report that Galaxy S5 will features 2K display, first time for a Smartphone. It arises confusion among the screen size of flagship phone of Samsung for 2014. Anyway Samsung fans can looking forward for announcement from officials in next month.

Image Credit : Flickr