New Apple Patent Application points to the iWatch

Apple iWatch is the all time rumored product since the announcement of Google Glass. Now new Apple Patent Application points to the iWatch.

 Patent Application points to the iWatchThe patent application of iWatch was filed by Apple in the year 2011. But there no indication of world ‘watch’ within the patent, but have indication of wearable video device which gives clear evidence of introduction of iWatch in nearby future.

Patent Application points to the iWatch

The Apple patent application tells about wrap round design and screen will covers entire body.  Rumors of Apple iWatch points that it will be device which will be having a flexible touch display were you can do all the activities that your smartphones do for you. You can even hear music and list your favorite songs according to your wish on your watch.

Message reception and reply feature is also expected to be the part of Apple iWatch. The new device from Apple will sometimes include a component for gathering Kinetic Energy. It is also said to have special sensors for gathering light energy for recharging the battery and providing high battery life for the device.

Apple iWatch will acts as a perfect guide for another iDevices, can be inetgrate via bluetooth. The iWatch can pass informations to the connected iDevices in such a way it will optimize the accessibility. Also you can perform time checking, music playing, accessing of small applications, browsing through iWatch. The release date and detailed informations regarding Apple iWatch will announced by authorities in coming future.