New Android phones demands to have ‘Powered by Android’ boot up logo

Popular mobile manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC are using for Android for years. Google also allows them to make their own customization over the OS. Now Google asked the manufactures to use ‘powered by Android’ logo on all new Android phones.

The manufactures got confirmations for new change via latest GMS certification, license for using authorized Google Mobile Services. According to new mandates from Google ‘Powered by Android’ logo must displayed on phones at boot up time., reported by Android police.

The new system for Android not only demands for new Android phones but also for those are currently on market, should display new boot up logo after upgrading for newer version of AndroidGMS certification

Within new GMS Google indicated that boot up logo must be in proper size otherwise it loses the impact. Manufactures demands to have set logo in height of 20 dp. New AT&T version of HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5 uses this logo in their phone.

The manufacturer who won’t follow this new mandate from Google will lost GMS certification. In that case they can’t ship their new devices with authorized mobile services from Google such as Google Play, Gmail…Etc.