New 2012 model Apple iMacs goes on sale

iMacs are the innovative desktop computers from Apple which promises for design and performance. Now new 2012 model Apple iMacs goes on sale. The latest 21.5 inch and 27 inch iMacs get from selected Apple stores from 30th November onwards.

new 2012 model apple iMacs goes on sale

Apple demands $1299 for 21 inch iMac and $1799 for 27 inch iMac respectively. The review on new 2012 iMac sounds these price tag will suitable for them.

Design is the key factor of every Apple products. There are no comparing models for new 21.5 inch and 27 inch displays of Apple iMacs. The LED backlit displays of new Apple iMacs provide brilliant color tone along with uniform brightness. It gives out brilliant display from any angle. The new series also reduces the reflection by 75%. The IPS technology promises to delivers the ever bright pictures. The 21.5 inch iMac have resolutions of 1920*1080 and 27 inch iMac have 2560*1440 resolutions.

The powerful performance of new iMac series offers by third generation Intel core processors. The 21.5 inch iMac is powered by 2.7 GHz Intel core i5 processor. The 27 inch iMac is supported by 3.2 GHz Intel core i5 processor. Both series is featured with 6MB L3 cache for faster performance. Both iMacs have 8GB DDR3 RAM supports.

New iMacs featured with NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors so that the new series can delivers 60% faster graphics speed than before. The powerful graphics allows you iMac graphicsto runs the advanced applications smoothly without having any interruption. That is the 3D games high definition video editing high resolutions photo works can easily be done with new iMacs. You won’t need to worry about the storage space for your favorite stuffs. New iMacs offers 3TB hard disc storage along with flash storage support. The fusion drive technology in new iMacs helps to keeps the lightning speed performance of the system. It allows keeping the recent documents in flash storage and the datas which are used infrequently goes for hard disc.

The advanced thunderbolt technology in iMacs helps to make ultra-fast input output data transfer. It provides a two way transaction with speed of 10 Gbps. Thunder bolt ports gives out a speed of 20 times faster than that of normal PCs. This technology is developed by Intel labs. Both iMacs have four USB3 ports which make out the external transactions 10 times faster than that of USB2. As coming into connectivity iMacs supports Wi-Fi version 802.11n wireless technology. New iMacs also have inbuilt bluetooth4 for faster sharing of data.

New iMac series runs on most advanced OS X Mount Lion operating system. It is inbuilt with many advanced applications. Apple iMacs are works with Apple wireless keyboards. It helps to make the inputs without having any interruption. The multi touch magic mouse helps to tap anything on desktop in most advanced way. iMacs inbuilt with 720p Face time HD camera for providing advanced video calling.

One of the most advanced features of Apple iMac series is iCloud supports for secure data storage. The cloud storage helps you to access your favorite stuffs from anywhere at any time. The synchronizations allow you to access the content with any Apple devices which are originally done with another one. The 21.5 inch iMac have a price tag of $1299 and 27 inch have $1799 respectively.