National Thai Language Day Doodle by Google on July 29th

National Thai Language Day doodle was presented in the Google homepage on July 29th on 2013. Google doodle included everything which announces the importance of the day in Thailand.

National Thai Language Day doodle
National Thai Language Day (July 29, 2013)

Every year the celebration for this National Thai Language Day takes place in the month of July with special programs. Inclusion of Thai alphabets in the doodle made it the apt doodle for the celebration of the day. We can also see the image of hen and monkey in the doodle which is seen in the Thai alphabet book.

On National Thai Language Day many speeches and other functions are organized by different organizations to make people aware about the preservation of the native language in this fast going world.

National Thai Language Day is mainly aimed to make the people know the importance of Thai language and make them know about the correct pronunciation of the Thai language.  When the time passed in every language there came the mixing up of foreign language. So in Thai land a special day was announced by the government to celebrate as the National Thai Language Day since 1999.

It was on the day of King’s 72nd birthday who visited university to study the problems on Thai language usage the celebration of the day was officially declared as the national holiday in the Thailand. So people over Thailand celebrate the day with great importance giving respect to the Thai language on July 29th every year.

This year Google also joined with the Thai people for the celebration of this special day. It was with National Thai Language Day Doodle on the homepage they wished people of Thailand the happiness of the day. Google always have come up with special doodles on the homepage on special days on every country. With this Thai special doodle they gave importance to the Thailand and their language.