National Library Week 2005 Google Doodle

A week dedicated to spread the awareness of need for reading and growing is the National Library Week. This week is observed with great importance all around to make the young generation come forward to read books and know the world.

National Library Week 2005 Google Doodle
National Library Week 2005(April 10, 2005)

National Library Week is also celebrated by Google in the year 2005. They introduced a special doodle which included the pictures of book and library card in the doodle. In the doodle the Google home page Google alphabet o’s are replaced with the picture of an open book and below that we can see the image of a library card which is the most important requirement to get the entry in the library. National Library Week 2005 Google Doodle didn’t contain any crowded decorations in it on that day.

Books were common to man when the life started. Reading books increases the knowledge. People all over use this medium to exchange the messages from ancient days. There are wide varieties of books today available in market.

Library is a place in which we can see a large collection of books. In most of the libraries we can see all sorts of books. People can approach these places to read books according to their interest without spending large amount of money. Most of the libraries provide membership cards to take and read books.

Library of Congress
Library of Congress
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Reading books can cause many impact to human mind. There are many famous personalities in the world that came out with new ideas getting inspirations from the book that they had read in the past. Mahatma Gandhi who is known as the father of nation in India got inspiration from Bible to fight the war for independence holding the concept of nonviolence.

Young generation know don’t find time to read as they have many other mediums for time pass. So a week to make the young generation aware of the need for reading has got great relevance in today’s world. Biographies and autobiographies of great personalities give the young generation the courage to understand the right and wrong of the world.

Books on science, literature, technologies, short stories and art are also increasing the popularity now. Reading these kinds of books make us know about the world and its changes. Reading will never reduce the knowledge, it always increase the knowledge.

It was 1958 the celebration of National Library Week started officially. Since then every year people celebrate the week with many program. Quiz competitions, seminars, essay competitions are common in this week. All over organizations arrange many programs to make world know about the need of reading. It was in 1957 American book publishes council jointly with National book committee came forward with the idea of celebrating the Library week. After many discussions and talks the first celebration of the week was on the month of May in 1958.

The theme of that week was ‘Wake up and read’. Since then every year new themes were introduced to make this week informative and useful. For a richer fuller life read, Read and watch your world grow, Reading is the key, Take time to read use your library, Take card with charge use your library are some of the themes which were associated to National Library weeks in the consequent years. We can also join together in this year with Google to make the world grow by reading.