National Liberation Day of Korea Google Doodle

National Liberation Day of Korea is on August 15th every year. It’s on this day Korea gained liberation from Japanese occupation. It’s in the 1945 Koreans got independence from the colonial rule of Japan.

 National Liberation Day of Korea Google Doodle
National Liberation Day of Korea(August 15, 2001)

Google doodle on the 56th anniversary day of the Korean liberation from Japan was unique and simple. It was specially designed to memorize their great success in becoming a Republic. As usual doodle included the official Google logo with some ingredients to add color and the message of specialty of the day.

National Liberation Day of Korea Google Doodle included ‘Taegeuk’ in the Google alphabet ‘o’. It’s a symbol which is seen in the center of Korean national flag. It symbolizes the entire things in the universe according to the Korean belief. There in it we can see two colors in same proportion in the emblem. It points the negative and positive aspect of universe. Blue color is representing negativity and the red color is representing positivity.

Korean Flag
Korean Flag[ Image Credit :]
There are many varieties of flowering plants in Korea. In the Google doodle also we can see the national flower of Korea.Rose of Sharon is their national flower which we can see pictured in this doodle under the alphabet ‘g’. The letter ‘g’ in blue color and the flower in white and rose color with green leaf give a special attraction for the doodle.

Many poets and artists had used this beautiful flower to add the beauty to their creativity. We can see the Korean national flag on the top of Google letter ‘L’ which shows how important and special is the day in Korean history.

Koreans also celebrate their national day with great celebrations and programs. Parades, fireworks and get-together are common in Korea on this day. We can see Korean flags in every house on that day in Korea. It is to show their respect for the country.

The national flag is hoisted to show their respect towards the leaders who fought for the country. There will special TV programs broadcasting country wide presenting the history of liberation movements on that day. The day is celebrated by every Koreans at their best to honor the country.