National Liberation Day of Korea 2006 Google Doodle

Koreans celebrate their National Day on August 15 to commemorate the occasion when they got Independence from colonial ruling. They achieved this victory by attaining freedom from Japan. In 1949, 3 years after they got freedom August 15 is declared as National Liberation Day of Korea as a public holiday in October 3.

National Liberation Day of Korea 2006 Google Doodle
National Liberation Day of Korea 2006 Google Doodle (August 15, 2006)

In South Korea National Liberation Day of Korea is also known as Gwangbokjeol. In North Korea, the official name of Independence Day is Jogukhaebangui nal. As all nations Korean people also celebrate their national Day with pride.

The traditional parade organized by the Government of Korea is another attraction of Korean Liberation Day. So here Google also joins the Korean celebration by releasing a special doodle on August 15. The letters in National Liberation Day of Korea 2006 Google Doodle  is written in white color because the major color in Korean National Flag is white. Instead of 2nd ‘o’ in Google doodle , it is the National flag of Korea named as ‘Rose of Sharon’ (Mugunghwa).

In the official ceremony the current president of Korea will address the people at the Independence Hall of Korea. Also the flag hoisting ceremony will be conducted by the president. Several cultural artistic activities will be performed by professionals in the ceremony at Sejong Center.

People can use the public transport service and intercity trains for free on this special day. For the Independence Day activities all the public museums and places are opened to people for free. During the official ceremony patriotic songs like “Gwangbokjeol song” (Official song) are sung.

Liberation Day celebration
Liberation Day celebration [Image Credit :]
National foundation days are not only to celebrate the freedom or the liberty it is also an occasion to commemorate the struggles that suffered by people participated in the independence struggle. Commemorating those struggles gives the energy to move forward with remembering the prosperity and development achieved after the independence.

Korea put forward a good example before all nations in the case of progress and development that help them to grow as an ideal example of democracy nation.