National Liberation Day of Korea 2005 Google Doodle

It is to memorize the liberation of Korea from Japan National Liberation Day of Korea is observed in every year. It’s on 15th of August they observe this day.

National Liberation Day of Korea 2005 Google Doodle
National Liberation Day of Korea 2005(August 15, 2005)

National Liberation Day of Korea 2005 Google Doodle in Korea included a picture of Korean flag in the background of logo. Taegeuk is a special symbol seen in the Korean National Flag designed in red and blue color. Logo letters are given a special appearance in the doodle. The name Google in the doodle is written with white color. The white color given to the logo letters is highlighted with a special shade of white. This makes it beautiful in the white background.

Taegeuk symbol used in the national flag of Korea has got special meaning. It is believed that this represents the positivity and negativity in the universe. Blue is the color for negative aspects and red is for positive.

National Liberation Day of Korea
Korean National Day
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Etiquette is the special quality for which Korean people are famous. They treat everyone coming to their place with great respect. Apart from these morals and values we can see many people in Korea who had gifted many contributions in the areas of arts, science and literature.

Korea is a country gifted with many beautiful places. Mountains, valleys and rivers make the country to sustain temperate climate which makes country suitable for living. These also add the beauty to geography.  48,598,175 include the total population of the country.

Along with the naturally gifted geographically beautiful places country serves as the birth place for much variety specious of plants and animals. Forests of Korea are dense with wide range of rare medicinal plants and animals. National flower of Korea is Rose of Sharon. This flower is common in every place of Korea.

National Liberation Day of Korea is observed with great function all over in the country. People of Korea show their respect for the nation by special parades and functions to honor those who worked hard for their liberation from Japan. In the year 2005 also Koreans organized such special programs for this day’s celebration.

Korean culture, tradition and customs were always been models to the world. Their approach towards the universe is even seen in their national flag. They have modeled it as if the positivity in the universe is overcoming the negativity. In every place we can see the positive mentality and pleasant feel in Korea. Korean functions on this day are very much attractive and also reflects the morals and values of the country.

Google doodle on the National Liberation Day of Korea was specially designed to show the significance and importance of the day. It explained the specialty of the day clearly by this doodles simple design.