National Day on July 14 Google Doodle in Flag colors

July 14th  known as the Bastille Day is the national day of France. As usual in all other years Google came up with a beautiful doodle on the homepage landed on France on the day in 2013 also.National Day on July 14 Google Doodle was designed with the flag colors of France.

National Day on July 14 Google Doodle
National Day on July 14 Google Doodle (July 14, 2013)

We can see that Bastille Google doodle is designed as if it’s drawn by the military planes. As we can see in the doodle for this years national day parade 46 air crafts of military force is announced to take part along with six helicopters.  The artistic way in which this doodle is designed makes it the perfect National Day doodle or Bastille day doodle for France. The celebration of National Day on July 14th is similarly grand as in other countries in France also.

It was from the rule of King Louis French people gained freedom in the year 1789. There is a great association with the prison Bastille and the freedom of the nation. National Day celebration of France is fixed on July 14th to commemorate the incident which took place on July 14th in 1789.

The fall of King Louis was the step by which French people entered to the new world with Liberty, Equality and Freedom. The observance of National Day on July 14 was official declared by law only after 100 years of this Bastille incident. The observance of National Day on this day was to honor the courage taken by the people to join together and work against the monarchial rule.

Observance of national day of France includes grand military parades which lasts for hours with the participation of large crowd. This day is dedicated for great celebration all over France. As it is a national holiday many programs are arranged by different organizations and institutions all around the country.

Decorations with French national flag and other things are seen all over in the country including streets, shopping malls and restaurants. Staring with the morning parade the programs of French National Day or Bastille Day lasts till night and in most of the places celebrations ends up with beautiful fireworks.