NASA hosting first ever Google+ Hangout on Feb 22nd

Space exploration can’t be make by everyone, so it is good to listen someone who made it. By keeping this in mind NASA hosting first ever Google+ hangout on Feb 22nd.

NASA hosting first ever Google+ Hangout on Feb 22ndNASA’s first Google+ Hangout can be seen live in the official Google+ page of NASA and also live in the YouTube. This is for the first time NASA is organizing such an opportunity for the fans and followers of NASA.Google+ Hangout on February 22nd will give the opportunity to interact with the NASA astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Tom Marsh burn from International Space Station which is located 240 miles above the earth.

NASA will conduct the Google+ Hangout from 11 am to noon (Eastern Standard Time) on 22nd. As there are many limitation regarding the number of people in Google+ Hangout to take part for chat NASA is providing a series of alternative methods to be the part of NASA’s Google+ Hangout.

Interested people can submit their videos regarding the doubts, questions and other clarification before February 12th. The Google+, twitter and Facebook fans also can submit their questions to NASA on or before February 12th. Selected questions from the list submitted will be answered by the NASA astronauts and live questions will be also answered by NASA astronauts during that time.

In the past you have heard about many Google+ Hangout with reputed governmental officials and personalities but it’s for the first NASA is coming up with this task. So don’t miss it,will be a golden opportunity to clarify your doubts and thoughts on outer space and related topics. Prerecorded questions that you are sending must be brief and clear that the selection process will be easy and if so you can make sure that NASA will surely give answer for your question to them.

Google+ hangout from international space stationSometimes it can be the beginning of new revolution. Google NASA tie up is something that can do great deals. That is the way of providing rich infos about outer world.