NanakusaGayu Google Doodle on 7th January

In Japan there is a custom of eating a special rice soup known by the name NanakusaGayu on 7th of January every year. On this day Google came up with a special doodle in the Japanese homepage. Doodle included the picture of Japanese family sitting together and feasting on the special dish which consist the sever herbs.

NanakusaGayu Google Doodle on 7th January
NanakusaGayu(January 7, 2013)

NanakusaGayu actually means the seven greens rice porridge. This festival is commonly known by the name festival of seven herbs. There are many beliefs in Japan relating to the celebration of the day. It’s said that NanakusaGayu is celebrated for long life and health.

Google spread the message of this day which has been observed with great importance on the seventh of first month of the year with this doodle. We can see a special type of logo design in the doodle. In it bowls are placed in a variety of models in the hands of people to sketch up the logo alphabets. Inclusion of many colors in NanakusaGayu Google Doodle on 7th January made it attractive and eye catching.

It is said that the rice soup which is known by the name NanakusaGayu has got many medicinal value. The ingredients used in its preparation are special medicinal herbs seen in Japan. As the festival of herbscomes after the happy holiday season which includes party, dance, music and feasting it’s said that feasting on NanakusaGayu helps in refreshing the entire body.

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The main ingredients of the NanakusaGayu are Seri, Nasuna, Hahakogusa, Hakobe, Koonitabirako, Kabu and Daikon. NanakusaGayu is prepared with small variation from okayu, a special type of soup prepared and given to sick person for regaining the health. Traditionally the ingredients used for the preparation are the same as listed above. In some cases people over Japan replaces with the equally good local herbs if there is lack of availability of this traditional herbs.

Preparation of the NanakusaGayu is very simple and almost in all houses we can see this on the dining tables on the seventh of January. Shops and streets of Japan will be overflowing with these herbs in this season. Japanese people follow some traditional customs before taking this dish on the day. Usually family members sit together and have this food item on January 7th.

It’s believed that this custom of feasting porridge of seven herbs started on seventh day of the year started on Heian period. That means this is one of the most ancient traditions followed by Japanese people. From twelfth century itself they began this custom.

Google doodle on the home page landed on Japan very clearly conveys the specialty of the day with all its simplicity and beauty.